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Hohm Tech Hohm Life V4 18650 3015mah Cell

Hohm Tech Hohm Life V4 18650 3015mah Cell

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The Hohm Tech Hohm Life V4 18650 3015mah Cell is the 'GO' All Day battery. Designed for those that wish to feed insanely power hungry devices without having to swap batteries every other minute. These are rated by Indonesia Chemistry at 3015mah capacity, with a CDR of 22.1A, and 80C | 3.2V cut-off limit (which occurs first) @ 31.5A. For EV and DC motor applications, the Hohm Life V4 cell handles repeated 37.1A loads @ 5 seconds on, 30 seconds off (Pulse/Peak).
  • 3015mah | 22.1A CDR | 31.4A @ 80C cut-off
  • Wattage output up to 5% to 63W: Amperage up to 6.8% to 22.1A CDR; capacity up 7.4% @ >15A loads
  • Designed to feed power-hungry devices without having to swap batteries every other minute
  • Chemistry enhanced by QSP (quad stripping process), which is proven to deliver greater voltage-sag resistance
  • Exceeds all previous designs and chemistry results with greater amperage and capacity
  • A multitude of processes conducted to achieve documented specs
  • Cathode Tag made from UH Purity Aluminum: Ultra-High Purity (UHP)
  • Updated poly seal: enhances security of seal & proper operation
  • Anti-counterfeit 'Ohm" embossed top to stock knock-off/clones
  • New Mn bonding process that achieves greater purity. Cycle life is increased to over 70% nominal average of original capacity
  • New QSP NiCo Meld over 10kHz: process increases charging rate to 4.43A from previous 4.25A
  • Battery capacity: 3015mah
  • Max charge rate: 4.43A
  • Max charge voltage: 4.2V
  • Continuous discharge rate: 22.1A
  • Max 80C | 3.2V cut-off; 31.5A
  • Pulse | Peak: 37.1A
  • Cycle life retention: 500 @ greater or equal to 70%, 1000 @ greater or equal to 60%
  • Chemistry type: QSP Li-NMC
  • To expound on safety
    • Modified cathode tag consisting of higher purity aluminum is utilized to aid in lowering internal resistance
    • Updated poly seal with refined bitumen is installed in every cell to ensure pressure is controlled
  • NOTICE: Hohm Tech does not manufacture batteries. These are made for and licensed to Hohm Tech Int'l achieving their requirements set forth
  • CAN BE CHARGED AT 4.43A. This is not a misprint. 4.43A is possible, tested, proven, and approved within all strict safety protocols set by Indonesia Chemsity.
  • TESTING BEYOND TEMPERATURE. Hohm Tech cells utilizes both static and dynamic testing that includes but is not limited to: density loss, thermal distribution, volt drop limiters, cycle life retention, and temperature. These tests are imperative to achieve true cell performance, longevity, and overall quality.
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