WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Holy Cannoli (7)

Holy Cannoli eJuice Tobacco-Free - French Toast - 120ml

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Holy Cannoli eJuice Tobacco-Free - Glazed Donut - 120ml

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Holy Cannoli E-Liquids

Holy Cannoli E-Liquids and Holy Cannoli Salts are critically acclaimed vape juice flavors. These flavors are not limited to just cannoli, their flagship flavors are inspired by delightful breakfast and dessert flavor profiles. There is no shortage of flavor in these all-day vape juices. 

Holy Cannoli Salts

Far too many disposable vape and nic salt flavors have limited horizons. Holy Cannoli Salts have familiar fruit notes infused with pastry, cream, crumble, and glazed flavors to create intricately balanced salt nic juices. The master formulators at Holy Cannoli managed to split the difference perfectly, with incredibly bold flavors that do not tire out your taste buds

Strawberry Cream

Strawberry and cream vape juices are relatively common and there are some great nic salt versions as well. The Holy Cannoli Version, loaded with fruit, creamy custard and cannoli flavors, is perhaps the best. 

Lemon Custard

Lemon Custard is a rich, tart and sweet nic salt balanced for all-day vaping. 


Holy Cannoli Flavors

Holy Cannoli flavor profiles have a lot more range than just delightful Cannoli. The addition of popular and unique flavors results in a well-rounded collection of all-day vapes. 

Blueberry Strudel

The popular flavor of blueberry is even better when mixed with sweet icing and flaky pastry inspired flavors. 

French Toast

A basic breakfast treat makes an exceptional eJuice. The maple notes are precise and not a pure sugar bomb. The flaky bread and custardy dip notes add smoothness and balance.

Fruit Cereal

Formerly named Fruit Pebbled, Fruit Cereal adds the flavors of crunchy fruity cereal pebbles into a smooth cannoli flavor. 

Fruit Pebbled

Now known as Fruit Cereal.

Strawberry Cream

A strawberries and cream cannoli flavor with tart and sweet fruit notes grafted into a great dessert flavor. 

Apple Bread Pudding

The sweet and warm flavors of bread pudding enhanced with the juicy notes of cinnamon seasoned red apples. 

Southern Bread Pudding

The delightful and smooth flavors of southern bread pudding have been accurately mimicked by the artisan formulators at Holy Cannoli, creating a smooth and balanced flavor that works just as well in a high-VG juice vaped from a vape mod as it does when vaped mouth-to-lung style in a lower wattage vape pod starter kit. 



Holy Cannoli TFN Donut Series

What breakfast vape collection is complete without donuts. Delightful, sweet and perfectly basked donut flavors. 

Glazed Donut

Fried glazed donut flavors burst forth in every puff of Glazed Donuts, a headliner in the Holy Cannoli TFN Donut Series. 

Blueberry Donut

Blueberry and donut flavors are fused together as seamlessly as an actual breakfast treat in this fruit flavored all-day vape with flaky fried donut flavors.

Strawberry Donut

Vapers cannot get enough of strawberry themed vape juices. Strawberry Donut by Holy Cannoli belongs on the short list of the best in the industry.