WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Hyde Disposables (0)

The quality and flavors of Hyde Disposable Vapes have earned them a big reputation in the vaping world. Reliably delivering satisfaction and offering a vast selection of flavors, Hyde Disposables are considered among the best disposable vapes ever built for a reason. Whether you prefer a vape pen that is rechargeable or simply ready to run until it drops, Hyde has the right product for you. 

If you seek an alternative to the prefilled vape pods sold at. gas stations and convenience stores, switching to a disposable like Hyde is a great idea. These draw activated vape pens are ready to roll out of the box and come in the style of delicious flavors that adult vapers prefer. 

Hyde Disposable Vape Models

Hyde is as famous for innovation and performance as they are for perfect nic salt flavors. Their pursuit of a perfect MTL puff right out of the box has resulted in a series of innovative disposable vapes. 

Hyde Retro Rave

The Hyde Retro Rave is a rechargeable disposable vape that receives rave reviews for its estimated puff count of 5000 and perfect flavors. It holds 13ml off nic salts, has a 650mAh battery and many great flavors. 

Hyde Mag Recharge

Using design elements seen on the popular Smok Mag Grip series of mods, this longer lasting disposable vape is estimated to deliver 4500 puffs and holds 10ml of Hyde's award winning nic salt flavors. 

Hyde ID

The Hyde ID places the battery parallel to the vape juice reservoir, which is similar to the design of legendary refillable vape pod starter kits like the Lost Vape Orion series. This design results in a shorter and easier to handle vape with big time performance. The draw is a bit looser on the Hyde ID but it is still good for an estimated 4500 puffs. 

Hyde Edge

The Hyde Edge is a sturdy disposable vape desig that is powered by a 600mAh lithium ion battery and has a 10ml capacity.

Hyde IQ

With an estimated 5000 puffs, the innovative Hyde IQ has a smart design with an enhanced battery life indicator, air flow controls, and intuitive controls. Most importantly, it has a sophisticated mesh coil that delivers pristine puffs of Hyde flavor.  

Hyde Rebel Pro

The Hyde Rebel Pro Recharge generates an estimated at 5000 puffs and is a sturdy design for vapers on the go.