WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Pod Juice Disposables (0)

Pod Juice Salts

Amazing Pod Juice flavors were initially just offered as bottled nic salts and were designed to compete with prefilled vape pod kits, which are sold at gas stations, manufactured by Big Tobacco and are now only available in tobacco flavors. Available in 55mg strength, these bottled salts are a perfect alternative to disposable vapes when squeezed into a vape pod starter kit. 

Pod Juice Disposables

But Pod Juice flavors are just too bold and perfect not to be made available in a disposable vape as well. There are several great models to choose from. 

Pod Juice 3500

The Pod Juice 3500 is a classic disposable vape pen with long lasting performance and great flavors. 

Pod Juice 5500 Mesh

The Pod Juice 5500 Mesh is the flagship disposable and offers even longer lasting performance, thanks to a rechargeable lithium ion battery.