WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ruthless eJuice (0)

Ruthless eJuice

Ruthless eJuice is a long-time player in the vaping world with a great reputation for flavor and quality ingredients. Their products simply work when it comes to flavor, which is how they have managed to outlast some very ruthless competition. 

Ruthless eJuice

Ruthless eJuice broke into the business with delightful high-VG vape juices that made amazing mod fuel. These products are still available for vape mod users and those who want lower nicotine strength options. Perfect combinations of vapor production and flavors that do not wear down the tastebuds are the speciality of Ruthless eJuice. 

Ruthless Salts

Ruthless eJuice flavors translated perfectly into nic salts. These bold formulations are available in the sweet yet balanced fruit, beverage and dessert flavors that adult vapers prefer. They are perfect for MTL vapers, anyone looking to switch from a disposable to a refillable vape starter kit and fill the void left when the feds banned flavors in the prefilled gas station pod kits. 

Ruthless Freeze Edition

The Freeze Edition of Ruthless Salts have the solid fruit centric foundation of Ruthless eJuices and add in a dose off chilly menthol ice to make the flavors even more balanced and appealing. 


Ruthless eJuice Flavors

If you are a vape shop owner, someone looking to try Ruthless flavors or a reseller, the reality is that Ruthless fell into the trap that much of the industry did when choosing product names. They chose creative names that don't necessarily describe what is in the bottle. Here is a guide to Ruthless eJuice flavors. 

Skir Skirrr: Crisp apple, honeydew, and melon flavors. 
Skir Skirrr On Ice: Apple, melon, and honeydew with menthol ice.
Ez Duz It: Strawberry and watermelon flavor notes. 
EZ Duz It On Ice: Blast of cooling ice with strawberry and watermelon flavors. 
Antidote: Blue razz and mango inspired vape juice. 
Antidote On Ice: Cooling ice fused with a mango and blu razz flavored vape juice. 
Swamp Thang: A fusion of Granny Smith and sour green apple confection flavors. 
Strizzy: Raspberry, kiwi, and strawberry notes inspired by authentic fruit flavors. 
Grape Drank: Sweet and fizzy flavor of grape soda.
Grape Drank On Ice: The same great grape pop flavor but with a kick of coolness added to the sweet Concord grape notes.
Paradize: A tropical fruit inspired flavor with passionfruit, pear and peach notes.
Rage: Mango and apple infused flavor notes. 
Tropical Thunda: Sweet guava and berry notes. 
Slurricane: Papaya, guava, and juicy peaches.

Ruthless Freeze Edition

Freeze Edition Mango Madness: Tropical mangoes with a menthol chill are the flavor profile.
Freeze Edition Joosie Red: Fresh hoosier apple notes, rather than apple confection flavors inspired this vape juice.
Freeze Edition Cherry Bomb: Sweet cherries with a tart finish coupled with menthol ice make this a delicious flavor. 
Freeze Edition Strawbrry: Classic strawberry ice flavor.
Freeze Edition Iced Out: Pure minty menthol chill. 
Freeze Edition Wtrmln: A brilliant watermelon ice flavor makes a perfect alternative to a Lush Ice disposable.
Freeze Edition Berry Blast: With flavors inspired by blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry merged with menthol ice, this is a crisp mixed berry eJuice.