WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suicide Bunny Premium e-Liquid (0)

Based in Texas, Suicide Bunny e-juices use only the best ingredients, and they give complex flavor that will leave you wanting more.  

Suicide Bunny found herself motivated by muddled flavors that all tasted the same and struck out to create line of high-VG formulas bursting with character and complex notes and tones of flavors that are meant to be vaped all day without becoming tedious or tiring the tastebuds. 


Suicide Bunny Flavors

Derailed: Inspired by a snickerdoodle cookie fused with banana flavors. 

The O.B.: Short for "Original Bunny" this creamy flavor is laden with nuance and deliciousness. It is a perfect high-VG fuel with unmatched creaminess, flavor density and balance. 

Madrina: A creamy base flavor with notes of ripe melon. 

Sucker Punch: Mixed fruits and berries on a bed of rich cream flavor. 

Mother's Milk: A creamy dessert vape with an array of flavors and strawberry exhale. This is an award winning vape juice. 

Mother's Milk and Cookies: A creamy blend of cool milk, cookie crunch, star cookie flavors and Suicide Bunny's trademark creamy base.  

Wanderlust: Features the flavors of a freshly baked vanilla cake with creamy, sweet vanilla icing notes. 

Billow: The flavors of coconut cream cake infused with caramel make Billow near ideal mod fuel. 

Queen Cake: Fresh pineapple notes added to a freshly baked Hawaiian cake are the inspiration for Suicide Bunny Queen Cake.