WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Tobacco Monster eLiquids

Whilst most adult vapers prefer sweet characterizing flavors such as fruit and desserts. This preference tends to increase the longer an adult vapes. But there are areas with flavor bans and vapers who prefer tobacco flavored vapes. 

The good news is that tobacco flavored vapes have improved tremendously since the earliest days of eGo Twists and RY4. Monster Vape Labs played a huge roll in this upgrade of flavors with their selection of Tobacco Monster vape juices. Originally sold as freebase nicotine, higher-VG formulas, today they can be enjoyed as nic salts as well. 

Tobacco Monster Salts

Any customer currently using a prefilled vape pod kit from a gas station or convenience store should seriously weigh their options. Apart from disposable vapes, there is no easier way to make the switch than with a refillable vape pod starter kit and bottled nic salt. 

Tobacco Monster delivers the same style of smooth and bold tobacco flavor options as a prefilled pod but it is a much more affordable option. A bottle Tobacco Monster Smooth Salt has 43 times greater nic salt volume than a Juul pod with a corresponding increase in value.